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Cornerstone Communications, ltd is a strategic public relations and marketing communications firm specializing in small to mid-size business growth, branding, strategic communications, reputation marketing, and more.

Public Relations

Public Relations: Increase Your Bandwidth

Strategy is your launching pad. It is the foundation of effective, successful campaigns. Cornerstone will work with you to develop an action plan. First, we will help you discern a media-friendly, specific message.

This ongoing process includes:

  • A message development session.
  • Training your spokespeople on the savviest ways to convey and direct your message—the key vehicle for diagramming your enterprise’s value proposition for the press, and the like.
  • Full media training.
  • Next we generate a marketing and/or communications plan together that is geared toward your success.

Our clients get to know the mission critical analysts and work efficiently and effectively with them.


  • Media Relations
  • Media Training
  • Message Development
  • Press Kit Creation
  • Press Releases
  • Product Launches
  • Public Affairs
  • White Papers
  • Award Submissions
  • Trade Show Support
  • Bake-Offs with Industry Leaders
  • Bylined Articles
  • Blogs
  • Speechwriting
  • Case Studies

Media Requirements: Tools OF the Trade

Maintaining a user-friendly Press Kit is essential to the success of your message. Cornerstone will work with your team to generate a media-oriented kit and related materials—while additional materials can always heighten impact, each item included will also be able to stand alone.

Successful Press Kit basics include:

  • Backgrounder and individualized product/service information sheets.
  • Targeted Case Studies.
  • Analytical White Papers.
  • Creative Presentations. 

NOTE: Usefulness of the above tools extends beyond intriguing press and analysts. Sales team efforts will be greatly enhanced when using such documents.

  • Case Studies offer positive third party validation.
  • White Papers provide competitive analysis.
  • Presentations literally speak for themselves, but in a visually pleasing and motivational way. 

Cornerstone works with you to develop these essentials. Our writers are able to turn technical documentation into user-friendly, strategic, and publishable content.